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"What Things?" March, 2024

That was the question that the resurrected Jesus asked them. Indeed, it had been a horrible past few days for those who witnessed a king that they thought would liberate Israel from the yoke of the Romans nailed to a cross. The sad fact was that their hopes had to die with Jesus. They had not listened. In fact, very few followers had listened… but the seeds had been planted.

So here we are on the road to Emmaus in Luke chapter 24. The two disciples tell the sad story starting with verse 19,  “And they said unto him, Concerning Jesus, of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people: and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death, and have crucified him. But we trusted that it had been he which should have redeemed Israel: and beside all this, to day is the third day since these things were done.”

Matthew, with the most, records Jesus clearly telling His disciples of His suffering and death 5 times and Luke, coming in 2nd place, 3 times. Jesus hinted it in some of His parables also. Mark and John were less. (You might be able to find more…) So then, Jesus takes these 2 disciples through the Old Testament, pointing out the Bible verses that were the evidence of His life, suffering, and death. Here are just a few: Genesis 3:15, Psalm 22, Isaiah 53. There are many more. The Bible revealed Jesus’ true purpose and became the foundation of their faith and still does for us today. We have so much! As you witness and share Bible truths to others, you are hastening the coming of our Savior and it is not that far off!

Have a great day and know that you are loved!

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