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QuestLine Productions has optimized these 26 Thunder in the Holy Land video studies and accompanying lesson helps for small groups.  Thunder in the Holy Land is a dynamic and interactive video Bible study.  We strongly encourage those who view the videos to also take advantage of the free companion lessons.  They can be downloaded individually by clicking on the titles listed below or the complete 26 lesson set by clicking on the “Full Lesson Set.” These lessons are designed to accompany the videos including fill in the blanks and impression questions that relate back to the video presentations.

For Videos: 

Talking Stones:                                                 Radical Repentance of Christ:                        Testimony of the Tomb:

Talking Stones, cont'd                                      Racial Repentance of Christ, cont'd               Testimony of the Tomb, cont'd

Battle with an Angel:                                       Real World Repentance:                                 Dead Wrong:

Battle with an Angel, cont'd                            Real World Repentance, cont'd                      Dead Wrong, cont'd

The Great Controversy:                                    Back to Eden:                                                 Hell & Abraham's Hairy Chest:

The Great Controversy, cont'd                         Back to Eden, cont'd                                      Hell & Abraham's Hairy Chest, cont'd

Seeing the Invisible:                                       The Day Love Thundered:                              The Time is at Hand:                

Seeing the Invisible, cont'd                            The Day Love Thundered, cont'd                   The Time is at Hand, cont'd

The Emmanuel Factor:                                    One 7th in Time:                                           Symbols of Salvation:

The Emmanuel Factor, cont'd                         One 7th in Time, cont'd                                 Symbols of Salvation, cont'd

Salvation in One Word:                                   Who Moved the Mark:                                    The Spirit of Prophecy:

Salvation in One Word, cont'd                        Who Moved the Mark, cont'd                         The Spirit of Prophecy, cont'd

Love is a "P" Word:                                          Unmasking the Antichrist:                              Jesus Chooses His Church:

Love is a "P" Word, cont'd                               Unmasking the Antichrist, cont'd                   Jesus Chooses His Church, cont'd

                                                    Baptism is a Cup:                                US in Bible Prophecy:

                                                    Baptism in a Cup, cont'd                    US in Bible Prophecy, cont'd

                                                    Dollars & Sense:                               The Great Comeback:

                                                    Dollars & Sense, cont'd                    The Great Comeback, cont'd

                                                                                  The Inheritance:   

                                                                                  The Inheritance, cont'd


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