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Thumbs Up, May 2023

Yes, now that the sun is out a little more and the temperatures have been warmer, it is time to plant a garden. My tomato seedlings are coming along, and I have got to get them outside in the sun to get them used to being outdoors… but they had to be started in my sometimes dark, cold apartment. 

I tried getting some started last year, but they shriveled and died when I ignored them. The plants that survive best in my care are those that I can ignore and water once in a while. This doesn’t work for young plants that need attention and thoughtful care; nor does it work for my bird, Miss Kitty, for children, and for how I minister to others and reach out to the Shoreline and Bothell communities.

But can’t we do some big event and reach people that way?! Look at the Day of Pentecost where Peter preached, and thousands became Christians! The Holy Spirit was poured out and voila! 

The thing that is overlooked is that Jesus and His disciples ministered for 3 ½ years, planting “seeds” of truth and healing the sick and needy. It was a day-to-day ministry that also served as a training ground for the disciples and for you and me. I am ever so grateful that the Shoreline Church is reading through the New Testament, a chapter a day, and looking at how Jesus ministered to others! This is the way we can do the same with our families, friends, neighbors and the Shoreline community.

How can I, who has nothing in common with the people I live near or even with people who have or have not spiritual beliefs I don’t understand? Those questions will be answered as we go along. Again, I am grateful that our church has many facets and represents a lifestyle that can fulfill the needs of anyone! What a God we serve!

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