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Longing for Spring, March 2023

It seems that winter is just dragging on and on. I have a friend over in Bozeman, Montana and he said they are having an old-fashioned “hard” winter. The snow that fell in October is still there, along with a lot more and he has not seen bare ground. I can remember such a winter when I was in college over there and when a warm spell came and it all melted, everyone was outside, the dorm windows opened, and everyone was happy to see it end.

We are now at a time where there just seems to be not very much good news. I’m listening less to the radio and spending more time in my Bible. The New Testament reading plan we have going on has just been the best thing in the world right now! In addition to that, I am doing an old set of Bible studies that are rekindling memories and supercharging me spiritually like “THE BIBLE SAYS…” did 40 years ago. Some of the written material may be outdated, but the Bible verses are certainly not, nor will it ever be! It is my prayer that all of you are really feasting during your devotion time. It will prepare you for the days ahead. 


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