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An Angel Declares..., December 2023

There is a Christmas card from 1885 that has an image of an angel flying over some place in Europe with a torch. It is actually a painting by Thomas Moran, whose mansion on Orcas Island, WA has been a part of the Rosario Resort for many years.

We know that an angel approached the shepherds near Bethlehem in Luke Chapter 2, announcing Jesus’ birth and then an entire angelic choir sang praises. The choral piece, “Laud to the Nativity,” by Ottorino Respighi begins with that very message sung by a soprano soloist. Gabriel approached Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, that Elizabeth would conceive (Matthew 1:11-20); and eventually Mary was approached and told she would be the mother of Jesus (Matthew 1:21-23).

Angels were a part of Jesus’ life. They played an important role in the lives of God’s people and will before Jesus returns. Do you have an experience that may have been an intervention done by an angel during a time of greatest need?

Pertinent to the times we are living in, the 3 Angels’ Messages give our world the warning that judgment has come, spiritual Babylon is fallen, and to worship God as the Creator or have a distinguishing mark in the mind or behavior; worshiping Him another way.

These are serious messages and even though I have been an Adventist for over 43 years, it is first and foremost that the relationship with Jesus is tight and close to each heart. Involvement with the world and “things of the world” are a detriment to that relationship. Study of the Bible and prayer are necessary for the nutrition in the Christian walk. And finally, vigorous spiritual exercise… sharing what has been learned and loved and cherished about our Lord with others.

Oddly enough, people may see Jesus in us without a word being said… but we are here at this time and place to bless others… with kindness, love, generosity, patience and all those attributes that we DO have! It is to this end, that God has called us.

Enjoy with me this beautiful season with music, art and food with friends and family. May God bless all and keep you in His care as you continue to reach out to others with the precious message that Jesus was born and can be born in the manger of our hearts!  Last, but not least, know that you are loved.  MB

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